Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lucy James Lokovic

Sorry I'm posting this so late--things have been busy.

On Wednesday, March 2, our second daughter Lucy was born. It was a scheduled cesarian section, out of concern for the baby's size (in combination with other factors). When she came out, she measured in at 9lb 13oz, thus justifying the concern and astounding everybody present. Lucy is healthy and wonderful.

The operation went very well, and Melissa is recovering nicely. She claims that the most pain she's felt so far was from laughter as I got Lucy's arm and head stuck in a shirt during a particuarly amateurish diaper change. It's taken a few days for me to get re-used to the newborn form factor, but I'm getting there.

Lucy's big sister Emma has handled this better than we could have hoped. She's eager to help with everything, and is constantly hugging, kissing, and asking to hold the baby. Her main issue is a disrupted sleep schedule--a problem that she shares with her parents.

My mother Linda (shown in the third picture) has been in town to help out, and she's been a godsend. When she leaves Saturday, Melissa's mother Carol will show up to take over for a couple weeks.

I'll post more images, and probably some movies, when time permits.

By the way, if you're wondering: Lucy's middle name "James" is my father's first name.