Wednesday, January 9, 2002

"Who do you love?" "Hoverbikes!"

Last night's Jay Leno featured
Dean Kamen
and his much-hyped
Segway. This was my first
opportunity to see one in action. (Leno, Russel Crowe, and eventually
Sting were seen riding them around the stage.) I'm not convinced that
they'll change the world, but they're damn cool, and if I ever need
to erase the last vestiges of my dignity, I'll have to buy one and
putter around on it!


  1. Hmm... It appears that the comment field doesn't work on the very
    first article. So, as of now, I have -- first post! :-)
    I'm not sure if fixing the comment field of the very first article is
    necessary or useful. But it's broken now in any case.

  2. That's fixed now. Feel free to go and get really first post. :)