Thursday, May 9, 2002

Apples and Oranges

From Memepool, similar to Am I Hot Or Not but more generally applicable is What's better. Every time you visit, two random items come up. Pick which one you think is better, and it tells you how many people agree with your choice. It also uses your choice to generate an overall ranking of the items.

They have all sorts of items--"Network Card", "Saran Wrap", "Darth Vader Guitar", "Clean Water", "Bazooka [carrying] Groundhog". However, their ratings data is heavily skewed towards celebrities and historical figures. (I imagine their initial dataset consisted of just those.)

As a result, Adolf Hitler is the worst-rated item (followed by Osama Bin Laden and Michael Eisner). Strangely, Kirsten Dunst has the highest rating overall. I hope this is because the database is small and they have too few samples. Nothing against her, but if Kirsten Dunst is widely considered the best person/place/thing ever, I'm going to have to rethink some things.

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