Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Oh, did we say "your"? Sorry, how did that "y" get there?

This morning I stopped by my neighborhood do-it-yourself coin-op car wash, a handful of quarters in tow. When I got to the car wash, there was a new sign.

For your convenience, this machine only accepts dollar coins.

I thought, "Wow, how convenient! Do they still make dollar coins?"
Turns out they do, and a nearby machine was happy to take my last twenty in exchange for several pounds of coins. The leftover coins have since been weighing down my pockets, and I'm beginning to wish I'd worn a belt today.

I understand that they're trying to push a new standard, but why do they
have to tell me it's for my convenience? It's that "Enjoy Sprite" thing
all over again.

For your convenience, employees only speak Esperanto.

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