Friday, June 7, 2002

From the 'Is this news really the newest news?' News Department.

[Posted by Kevin:]

NPR (National Public Radio) reported today that an LA Times Beijing News correspondent passed along a news article of political significance to the Chinese National Evening News. It appears - as reported by the Chinese evening news - that congress is considering moving locations unless they get new digs. Calling the current U.S. Capitol "inadequate and obsolete," Congress will relocate to Charlotte or Memphis if its demands for a new, state-of-the-art facility are not met, leaders announced Monday. These demands include a retractable dome, Dancing Waters fountain and new luxury boxes... yes luxury boxes.

It seems that the article passed on by the Beijing correspondent was posted by The Onion in May. The NPR information stated that when the news broadcast station called the Beijing LA Times correspondent for confirmation, he got huffy and stated 'What proof do you have that we didn't confirm the story?'

Remember, always believe what you read.

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