Monday, June 17, 2002

Heil Hasbro.

Pointless Conspiracy Theory of the Week: The Offical Word List that comes with our copy of Scrabble contains the word "Nazi" but not the word "Jew". Both are proper nouns, and "Nazi" is an abbreviation to boot, so it's kinda strange.


  1. My sister the Scrabble (tm) nut pointed me
    at this page a while back. Apparently, "Jew" was actually
    removed from the official Scrabble dictionary since it only
    qualified via its derogatory verb usage.
    Merriam-Webster has a defination of "nazi" (see #2) which probably qualifies
    under Scrabble rules.
    Scrabble rules about what's legal have always seemed rather pointlessly arbitrary.
    Not that I'm necessarily complaining, mind you, especially whenever my favorite letter
    'X' shows up in my rack. (xi/xu/ex/ax/ox for 56 points: get the x on a triple letter score in two directions - woo!)

  2. Uh, actually you only get 50 points for that case. My bad.

  3. Yeah, see, if I had researched the issue like you did (or if I had otherwise known anything about it) then I wouldn't have had anything to write about. Journalistic integrity would only drag me down. Three cheers for uninformed rambling! USA! USA! USA!