Thursday, June 13, 2002

I'm not a <i>real</i> carjacker. You're on Candid Camera!

MTV, unsatisfied with the levels of public intrusion and annoyance achieved by Jackass, has apparently been working on a Candid-Camera-like series, "Harassment". One prank in their (as yet unreleased) pilot episode features a fake bloody corpse in the hotel room of some unsuspecting travelers. The travelers, who were trapped in the room temporarily by fake security guards, are suing.

When people are offended by what they see on TV, I say "change the channel". When people are bothered by morons injuring themselves intentionally on TV, I say "lighten up". But when television crews scare the living crap out of random strangers for no reason, I'm happy to see them sued.


  1. Mark VandeWetteringJune 14, 2002 at 4:15 AM

    This is exactly the kind of frivolous lawsuit that crowds our
    country's courts and threatens to destroy our way of life. These
    people must have a great deal of nerve to sue after they:
    Spent hours planning and anticipating their vacation
    Spent your own cash to reserve a hotel room
    Struggled through the fun searches at the airport and flights
    to get to their relaxing destination
    Get to partipicate in a real life crime drama!
    On top of everything else, they get to be on MTV!
    It's not like the dead body was someone they knew!
    folks, lighten up. So, you were held in a room with a fake corpse,
    by MTV's mock security guards. You get to be on MTV! Besides,
    if everyone gets to sue MTV, they will have to go back playing
    music videos, and nobody would like that.

  2. And hey, they did get to meet Ashton Kutcher. Yup, the Ashton Kutcher. Lucky fools.