Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Nothing says religion like a little copyright infringement.

This morning I saw a car window sticker with Calvin praying in front of a cross. It was like this one, only it actually looked like Calvin. Apparently these have been around for a while, but up to now I'd only seen the Calvin-peeing ones. 'Course, Watterson never allowed Calvin and Hobbes to be merchandised, so they're all bootlegs. Yes, even the moronic anti-environmentalist ones.

I hadn't realized how many variants
were floating around. One guy has even tried to catalog them in the wild. This doesn't come without risks, though. He says

Some people have no problem with wanting everyone to know that they don’t like Fords, but they get really bent out of shape when you try and take a picture.

Good to know. I'll be more careful.

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