Monday, July 8, 2002

Second-hand smoke, as seen from space.

Friends and relatives on the east coast reported noticeable haze starting Sunday, coming from wildfires in Quebec. Today, NASA has released
an incredible satellite image of the smoke plume.

Um, it's not that thick in person, is it?


  1. Karie and I woke up on Sunday and looked out the window to find everything yellow. I mean really yellow - sort of the yellow greenish hue you get after a bad storm. Karie and I kept wandering around trying to figure it out.
    We didn't know about the fire until yesterday and we were really amazed by the sort of continual twilight. The smoke traveled south and covered NH entirely and went as far as NC. From a first person perspective, it actually was that thick. It was really freaky.

  2. Mark VandeWetteringJuly 12, 2002 at 7:27 AM

    Having been under volcanic ash plumes from Mount Saint Helens,
    it's pretty damned eerie to have this kind of thing happen. The
    pictures are awesome.
    The darkest skies I can remember were actually during the Oakland
    fires a couple of years ago. I remember walking outside my
    apartment in El Cerrito, and the entire southern sky was not just dark,
    but virtually black. Spooky stuff.