Thursday, September 26, 2002

Mobile Couch Potato

[Posted by Kevin:]

I am very, very lazy. I'm sitting here on my couch reading MonkeySpeak and posting a message using my Ipaq.

I bought a Belkin USB Bluetooth transceiver last week and after several days of struggling I finally managed to get it to work with my satellite internet connection. This means that as long as I'm within 30 meters of my computer I can browse the web, check email, and stream Fat Boy Slim's video of Christopher Walken dancing - over a satellite, over Bluetooth, to my couch - on my IPAQ... albeit on a tiny screen.

By the way, tdl deserves a huge congratulations because MonkeySpeak is one of the very few pages that work perfectly on a tiny screen.

Disclaimer: While the above actually took place, I was unable to actually submit the above written text. When I hit submit on my IPAQ, nothing happened. I tried several times with several variations on the "press the submit button", but each time the button pressed, and sprung back up with no result. In the end I had to copy/paste the text and submit it using a workstation version of IE. So while this post was written on Monkeyspeak on my Ipaq, it was not submitted there.

Addendum: I felt compelled to explain why this is important. Bluetooth can in many ways be seen as the little brother to Wi-Fi when it comes to networking. More correctly it is essentially wireless USB. Seeing as I was previously ranting about not having any bluetooth devices to connect my Ipaq to, I am very happy to see the forest grow more trees.

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