Saturday, September 21, 2002

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

After much hemming and hawing, I finally broke down and bought a cell phone. It works great, and the calling plan (through AT&T) is decent. At last, I have an excuse to mutter into my palm in public!

Like many mobile phone models, it has a removable faceplate which can be replaced with even more gaudy faceplates. On a whim, today I checked out several sites that sell compatible faceplates. Among the many questionable styles I was surprised to find scented faceplates.



  1. Having just purchased the same phone several weeks ago (USCellular as the carrier) - I was profoundly disappointed to discover that while advertisements are know for lying, specifications are close behind. While the phone supports IR, it doesn't do so with my Ipaq.
    Also while the phone supports text messenging to email, my carrier does not, nor does it support web browsing - even though the phone does .
    The only real reason I got US Cellular as my carrier was the coverage at my house. Nice phone though.

  2. PocketPCs are actually known to have problems interacting with standard IR protocols. Have you tried it with PeaceMaker to see if that'll talk to your phone? Palm uses the regular IRDA stuff, so it talks just fine to PowerMacs and most phones, but with older PocketPCs you really had to use another program (PeaceMaker, again, was the best known).