Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Monkey X Mystery Attack!

Noah pointed me at, in his words,

Best. Comic. Ever.

At least, as measured by frequent use of the word "monkey." Which seems as good a metric as any, really.


  1. It's chimptacular!

  2. "It's chimptacular!"
    Nah, that'd be if it were about apes instead of monkeys :-)

  3. > (HTML in the comments appears to not work)
    Yeah, I was prohibiting it until I found out what Movable Type does with malformed HTML. I've had a dream of a consistently XHTML-valid blog for a while now, regardless of the shenanigans of commenters.
    Some cursory tests show that MT fixes blatantly broken stuff, but I'm not sure if it guarantees XHTML validity. I doubt it.
    It's on my list of things to investigate. (Lots of issues, and lots of docs I haven't read yet.)