Wednesday, June 4, 2003

It's the Hollis/Amtrak line, you moron.

There's this bus that runs near my work. Like many buses, it has a little matrix of LEDs on the back that can spell out a few characters. This particular bus chooses to display two letters: "HA". And they blink on and off every couple seconds.

So most days I end up behind this bus, and it laughs at me. Derisively, I can only assume. In my mind, I hear the cold, cruel monotone of a Speak and Spell™ mocking me: "HA... HA... HA... HA...".

The bus. It knows my secrets.

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  1. And I use a tabbed browser, in the morning before my commute I open a bunch of windows and wait for 'em to load. With that many tabs open, while they're loading, or if the net is sketchy, I see "Bla... Bla... Bla...", and I wonder if that isn't more descriptive than the titles which eventually end up there.