Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Insert Arnold Joke Here.

Ack! While I wasn't paying attention California flipped out and elected Arnold as Governor! At least, that's CNN's projection, already reported as fact. (I actually was paying attention: I voted today, even though we're in the midst of house inspection hell.)

My only hope is that Arnie is as socially liberal as he claims. The pundits claim he'd never survive the scrutiny of the right wing in the primary of a normal election. That gives me some hope.

As for fiscal policy, it's mostly voodoo to me. Lowering taxes and spending pretend money doesn't sit well with me, but since I'm one of the ones that benefits (in the short term, at least) from lower taxes, I'd love to be proven wrong. Plus, I have no choice--Bush is already doing it to us.

Serve us well, Mr. Schwarzenegger.

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