Saturday, March 27, 2004


The most lasting memento from last week's racquetball turned out to be a messed up knee. Not really surprising, since knees do that, but it took a couple days to manifest. A week later it's still bugging me.

It's my left knee, which it turns out is also my getting-into-the-car knee. Seems I get into my car (which is a fairly low pseudo-sports-car) by planting my left foot on the ground and pivoting myself in under the wheel, twisting my knee a couple different ways in the process. I'd never given this a second thought, because that level of twisting didn't even register as twisting. Now that it hurts, I've learned the "right" way to get into a car: turn away, lower butt into seat with both feet planted, then grab the wheel and pivot legs in.

Makes me feel like an old man, but my knee tells me to get used to it.

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