Thursday, December 2, 2004


In a dream last night, I was running through a big, unfamiliar office building, lost. After a while my friend Noah was running with me. We found what we'd been looking for (I think it was a coke machine, for whatever reason) and eventually made our way out of the building.

I apologized to Noah. "My dreams are often like this--pointless searches, lost somewhere that's supposed to be familiar, but that's really being generated on demand by the dream. I'm just sorry you got dragged along."

Noah grinned. "It's not a problem."

I then went on to talk about the people we'd encountered in the building, and without thinking I used the term NPC's to refer to them. Noah nodded, agreeing with what I said about the NPC's.

Then, after a moment's thought I looked at Noah and said "Hmmm, I guess that would include you as well."

Noah's grin faded, and he looked hurt. He sulked off, unhappy with the suggestion that he was just another NPC in my dream.


  1. Wow, that was great!
    Dude, how can you be so self-aware in your dreams? Doesn't that mean you automatically break out of the dream or something? For me, if it's a weird or bad dream, I'll occasionally tell myself that I must be dreaming. Either I don't believe myself, and then continue on with the dream believing its real, or I do believe myself, in which case I either wake up or break out of that dream and into another one.
    You're so cool!

  2. Of course, you could just do what I do, have a little chocolate right before going to bed, then wake yourself (and your unfortunate spouse) up two or three hours later because of the vivid and horrific nightmare which you've induced.
    Of course if the voices in my head were a little quieter, it may be easier to go to sleep.