Monday, January 3, 2005

Truer words were never said.

Every once in a while, one utters a phrase which one can be reasonably sure has never been uttered before, by any human, ever. This weekend I came to say

Never buy Dr. Peppy from a hooker in a diaper.

It made complete sense in context. You just have to know the following things about Emma, who is just over 2 years old.

  • She likes to walk around with a pad of paper and a pen, asking people what they'd like to order. She does this in imitation of waiters and waitresses that she's seen in restraurants.

  • She usually asks about drinks, including "Coke" and "Dr. Pepper", which the other day she mispronounced as "Dr. Peppy."

  • For Christmas she got some sparkly plastic high-heeled shoes, which she loves. They make her look like a hooker, but I don't say so in her presence, since she absorbs and repeats everything we say.

  • As a two year old, she is legally obligated to remove clothing at random times of day, so it's not unusual to see her walking around with, say, just a shirt and a diaper.

  • A two year old wearing high-heels and a diaper is a disturbing sight indeed.

Anyway, all of these things occured at once, leading to the truism "Never buy Dr. Peppy from a hooker in a diaper."

See? Makes sense.

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