Sunday, December 8, 2002

Proof: Baby by induction

[Posted by Roberto:]

Well, not exactly but almost. I became a godfather and uncle on Friday when my sister Michelle gave birth to Dominick Michael! She had gone to the hospital Friday morning for a planned induction as the doctor was becoming worried that the baby was growing too large. Wanting to avoid any complications, and to prevent the baby from growing to over 10 pounds (Yes, 10 pounds), the doctor planned an inducement. Just prior to inducing they measured the baby's vitals and immediately decided to perform a Caesarian section as the baby's heartrate was much higher than normal. So at 10:03am on Friday, Dominick Michael was born, coming in at 9 lbs. 12 ozs!

Both baby and mother are doing well and the rest of us are overjoyed. My parents are ecstatic as this is their first grandchild. Anyway, the link I included above has some photos of Dominick when he was just a few hours old.


  1. Roberto, give my congratulations to Michelle!
    And hey, you're a godfather! So what super powers do you get?

  2. And hey, you're a godfather! So what super powers do you get?
    Why, the power to make people offers that they can't refuse, of course!
    Best wishes to all the new young-uns and their proud parents.

  3. Congrats to your sister, and to you on your new titles! I like the name Dominick. Any word on why the "k" at the end rather than the older version without?

  4. Congratulations to you and your family.
    Noting your new stature in life... should you ever call to ask a favor....well you know

  5. And hey, you're a godfather! So what super powers do you get?
    Not sure. I didn't get a manual although I wish I did! As for why they chose Dominick with a 'k', I haven't a clue. I think my sister liked the way it looked in print versus 'Dominic'. They also mentioned they wanted the version that was most common - according to google 'dominick' returns 208k entries while 'dominic' returns 938k. So I guess my sister didn't do her research.