Thursday, March 18, 2004

Baby behavior update.

Emma (sixteen months old tomorrow) is cute. I say this not only as her father, but also as a scientist and a completely objective, unbiased third party.

She's known how to give kisses for a while, but a few weeks ago she learned that it's better (or at least more age-appropriate) to pucker up rather than open up wide in inept-drunk-french-kissing style. Her kisses are now cute instead of, well, sloppy. Around the same time, she learned how to make the little lip-smack noise, which lends her kisses that much more credibility.

This is good because she kisses a lot. She'll happily kiss Melissa or me when asked, but she also likes to kiss her dolls (and toy ducks and anything else vaguely person-or-animal-like). She also picks up random toys and has them kiss each other, accompanied by Emma's little kissing noise.
She's also eager to share her food, though usually not with actual people. Instead, she'll wander around with (for example) a piece of cheese and offer a bite to one of her dolls. The dolls never eat much, which is probably why Emma is so willing to share with them. It's nice to have low-maintenance friends.
Impressively, Emma's food sharing isn't even limited to the animal kingdom. Last weekend she was wandering around the back yard with a cracker, and came upon a wide crack in the sidewalk with little weeds sticking up. She knelt in front of the crack and offered a bite of cracker to the weeds.
If I weren't supposed to be so supportive of sharing I'd say that was really weird behavior.

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