Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Smart weeds.

The weeds in the back yard are getting the better of us. I've been focusing on the lawn (since that's where we expect Emma to wander), and have all but vanquished the thistles that had previously run amok. But thistles are big and easily pulled. Off to the side, in dirt and stone planting areas around the lawn, much more insidious, grassy weedy weeds are taking hold. And today I noticed that one kind of weed launches seed pods when you brush up against it. It has tiny stalks with wheaty nibs sticking off, and one side of each nib is apparently under tension. At the slightest provocation, this cover springs loose, launching little tidbits, which I can only assume are seeds, all over. Brilliant and evil!

It's looking like I may need to hire somebody to bring the yard under control. Sigh.

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